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8:30am - 6pm
8:30am - 6pm
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Services Offered

We offer regular customers, who wish to have their dog groomed between appointments, a special discount price.

We are happy to give advice to owners on the grooming process needs of their pets between visits 

  • Care is taken to groom your dog by brushing and combing to free the coat from knots
  • We will bath your dog in the most suitable top quality shampoo – to enhance the health, condition, texture and colour of the coat
  • Dogs are groomed and styled appropriately to their lifestyle or customer's preference





  • Hand stripping available for wire-coated breeds
  • Nails cut and feet trimmed
  • Ears cleaned and hair is removed from inside if necessary


Puppies are treated with special care and attention in order to familiarise them with the sounds and surroundings of the salon and introduce them to the grooming procedure.


Veterans are treated with extra care and patience in order to keep stress to a minimum.  To achieve this, the grooming process and clipping procedure may be modified.